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Fluke Insulation Testers

John Fluke Senior once said ...."When you purchase a Fluke product you get more than you thought you paid for"


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Models 1550C and 1555 Insulation Testers to 10kV

Models 1550C and 1555 Insulation Testers to 10kV



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Models 1577 and 1587 Insulation Tester Multimeter - Overview/Features

Overview - Two powerful tools in one
The Fluke models 1577 and 1587 Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, true RMS digital multimeter in a single, compact, handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch-gear, the models 1577/1587 Insulation Multimeters are ideally suited to help you with your tasks and at a cost that is far less than buying the two products.

The Fluke Model 1587T is specially designed for the telecom environment.


Models 1577 and 1587 Insulation Tester Multimeters

  • Insulation test voltages of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V.
  • Insulation test: 0.01MΩ to 2.0GΩ.
  • Auto discharge of capacitive voltage.
  • Live circuit detection prevents insulation test if voltage >30V is detected for added user protection.
  • Insulation test smoothing reading.
  • Frequency, Capacitance, Diode Test, Temperature, Min/Max.
  • True RMS.
  • AC/DC volts.
  • DC millivolts.
  • AC/DC milliamps.
  • Auto Power Off.
  • Large display with backlight.
  • Three-year warranty.

Consult the features included on the two insulation models 1587, 1587T and 1577 in the comparison chart below to help select the best tool for your application


Insulation Multimeters Feature

1587 1587T 1577

Insulation test voltages 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V


Insulation test voltages 500V, 1000V


Insulation Test: 0.01MΩ to 2.0GΩ


Insulation Test: 0.01MΩ to 100MΩ


Insulation Test: 0.1MΩ to 600MΩ


Auto discharge of capacitive voltage

Insulation test smoothing reading






Diode Test






Low Pass Filter (for work on VSD's)


Measurement Functions common to all models
True Rms,
AC/DC Volts, AC/DC Milliamps, DC Millivolts, Resistance, Continuity, Temperature, Large Display and Backlight,
CAT III 100V, CAT IV 600V measurement Category.


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