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Fluke Temperature Calibration

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 Fluke Calibration - Logo Models 2100 and 2200 Benchtop Temperature Bath Controllers - Specifications


2100 2200

Temperature Range

-100C to 670C -100C to 800C

Control Stability

0.0005C to 0.002C
(depends on system design)
0.005C to 0.02C
(depends on system design)

Display Accuracy (with probes as below) Note 1.

1.0C 1.0C

Display Resolution

0.01 0.01

Set-Point Resolution

0.0002 in high-resolution mode 0.01

Auxiliary and Heater Output

100V to 125V ac nominal
(internally switchable),
50/60Hz, 10A maximum
100 to 230V ac,
50/60Hz, 10A maximum

Heater Output

Solid-state relay Solid-state relay


72mm (H) x 172mm (W) x 250mm (D) 72mm (H) x 114mm (W) x 178mm (D)

Automation Software

Both models include Hart's 9930 Interface-it software package


Note 1.

Performance is dependent on system design including the control sensor. Capabilities are based on factory observed performance


2620 2622 2624 2611Note 2. 5635 Note3.

Probe Type

RTD RTD RTD Thermistor 'K' Thermocouple

Measuring Range

-100C to 550C -100C to 550C -100C to 550C -10C to 110C 1100C

Dimensions (mm)

280mm x 4.8mm 229mm x 4.8mm 356mm x 4.8mm 229mm x 5.5mm 406mm x 4.7mm

Dimensions (ins)

11" x 0.187" 9" x 0.187" 14" x 0.187" 9" x 0.218" 16" x 0.187

Note 2.

Reference Probe 2611 ( use with 2100 controller only)

Note 3.

Reference Probe 5635 ( used for cut-out)

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