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Model 3235-11 Earth Tester

Portable/Handheld Instruments

The Yokogawa 323511 Earth Tester is used as a convenient test set for simple, accurate measurements of earth resistance. Without a hand-driven Generator, this instrument consists of battery-operated silicon-transistorized DC-AC inverter, An AC potentiometer measuring dial, and a galvanometer. Just push the push-button switch and move the dial so that the galvanometer shows balanced conditions.

Then the resistance is directly read on the dial scale. A Wide range of earth resistance of 0 to 1kΩ can be measured by a single measuring Dial without range changeover. The earth voltage can also be measured on the galvanometer scale by positioning the selector switch.

  Model 323511 Earth Tester


Single Dial Measurement without Range Change


  • Three Input Resistance Ranges - up to 1000 Ohms.
  • Resolution 0.1 Ohm maximum.
  • Accurate, Wide Range Logarithmic Scale.
  • 5% Accuracy from 2Ω to 1,000Ω.
  • AC potentiometer Bridge, synchronous detector.
  • Portable and shockproof.

General Specifications

Measuring Range

Earth Resistance:0-10-100-1,000Ω (Min Scale Div 0.1Ω)


Earth Voltage:0-30Volts


Earth Resistance:3-digit logarithmic continuous scale on measuring dial.


Earth Voltage: Uniform scale on galvanometer.

Earth Resistance Accuracy

5% of 2Ω(0.1Ω or min one div) in range of 0-2Ω

2.5% of 20Ω(0.5Ω or min one div) in range of 2-20Ω

2.5% of 200Ω(5Ω or min one div) in range of 20-200Ω

5% of 1000Ω(50Ω or min one div) in range of 200-1000Ω

Earth Voltage:5% of full scale

Measuring Frequency


Ambient Temperature Influence

Variation in indication is within one scale division of corresponding range against a temperature change of 2020C.

Battery Voltage Influence

Accuracy is maintained within specified limit even if voltage decreases to 4 Volts under operating conditions.

Earth Voltage

Variation in indication is within one scale division of corresponding range for earth voltages up to 10 Volts at the line frequency.


Power Source

Four 1.5 Volt batteries (IEC R20P, ANSI D, Mono 1.5 V or equivalent).

Insulation Resistance

More than 20MΩat 500 V DC between terminals and case.

Standard Accessories
(supplied with Instrument)


Four 1.5 Volt batteries fitted in Instrument.
Three measuring leads.
Two earth spikes.
One carrying case.
One accessory storage bag.

Optional Accessory

B9646CG Auxiliary earthing net (two sheets per unit).


190mm (W) x 122mm (H) x 124mm (D)




Ordering Information

Yokogawa 3235-11

Earth Tester
Includes: Three measuring leads, two earth spikes, one carrying case, one accessory storage bag, four 1.5V batteries (installed), and User's manual.


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